LASE history and facts

End of 2010 first activities of the structural engineers’ club, regular meetings aimed at improving communication and cooperation in industry, as well as the improvement of industry professionalism
29th April 2011 the decision is made to found the Latvian Association of Structural Engineers (LASE)
September 2011 the official website of the Association is launched
LASE take part in the drafting process of the Latvian Construction Law
December 2011 the official website acquires new interface and content
29th December 2011 LASE publishes the first draft of Requirements for Design Report
24th February 2012 the first freely available LASE seminar with live free of charge internet broadcast and 50 participants attending the venue; now and hereafter seminar presentations and video recordings are available at
22nd November 2012 LASE starts cooperation with the Latvian Geotechnical Society by organizing a seminar about pile foundations
15th January 2013 LASE publishes the first draft of the Professional Standard LBPA-PS-001:2012 “Content and requirements form structural design documentation” (edition of 2012)
20th February 2013 LASE signs a Cooperation agreement with Riga Technical University (RTU)
1st April 2013 LASE starts the implementation of the NGO capacity development project co-funded by ESF by acquiring co-funding of more than 31’000 Euros
28th June 2013 LASE starts the implementation of an Organization Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001
November 2013 LASE starts cooperation with the Latvian Ministry of Economics in organizing professional seminars
Throughout 2013 LASE has organized 6 seminars with average attendance of 100 participants
the number of LASE members has reached 70; the number of followers on the website of Association and the social networks is more than 250

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